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Note Penetration

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Note Penetration

The magician shows a wooden frame with three holes in it.
A note is sandwiched between the frame and a backing plate and is clearly visible through all three holes.

A star trap is swivelled over the centre hole and a pencil is pushed right through the star trap and note, the note is visible through the two slots in the front as the penetration takes place.
The pencil in removed and the note is taken out to show it is unharmed.

You are supplies with a wooden frame laminated  on the front in Red, measuring 17.5 cm long (7") by 8.75cm wide (3 1/2") approximate and a instruction sheet.
This penetration is designed to hold a US one Dollar Bill ,however the new UK £5 will also fit this penetration. (If a new UK £5 note is use, as our photo shows you will be able to see both edges of the not through the front slots.)
Pencil and Note are not supplied.

Note Penetration

  • Manufacturer: Sam Dalal
  • Product Code: Note Penetration
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £7.50

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