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Dizzy Diamonds

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Dizzy Diamonds

A brilliant close-up trick with a touch of comedy

A card is chosen. Performer says he will reveal the card in a novel manner. A felt case is taken from his pocket and from this is removed a shiny black plaque. This is studded with four diamonds and this is said to be the selected card, the four of diamonds NO. The plaque is turned over to show a single diamond not correct. turning it over again now the six of diamonds wrong. Then the three of diamonds. dismayed the plaques are returned to the case, but still not convinced he has failed it is taken out again showing the three but turns it over revealing seven diamonds set out in a figure seven. The seven of diamonds is the correct card. Two plaques are supplied, card size, with the felt case and routine. Use your own forcing deck.

Dizzy Diamonds

  • Product Code: CLO260
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  • £10.00

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