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Wrist Chopper

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Wrist Chopper

Nothing fast about this guillotine the action is slow but very convincing.Four carrots are placed the first above the wrist, the second at the side of the wrist, and the third carrot in the aperture and the final one below the wrist. With a dummy run the carrots are sliced by the shinning blade in a pivot movement. With the spectators wrist in place and three carrots in the other holes the blade is once again swung down chopping the carrots but with no harm to the wrist. A showy prop finished in red and black with a stainless steel blade in a yellow frame. Stands 56 cm (22 inches) high and 33 cm (13 inches) wide, this trick lends itself to some good comedy 

Wrist Chopper

  • Manufacturer: Paul Howard Pro Magic
  • Product Code: Paulh52
  • Availability: Sorry this item is out of stock
  • £78.00

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