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Just That

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Just That by Vincenzo Di Fatta

The magician pulls out a prediction that puts on the table and makes choose a card from the deck. Then he shows that on the prediction are shown all the cards of the deck, even the chosen one ... the prediction will turn out to be correct! The audience will laugh when understanding the gag. The magician then repeats the effect with another spectator but asking him to sign the back of the card with the 52 printed cards. This time, however, he will turn the back up of the chosen card among all the others shown on the prediction, which will not only have the signature of the spectator but can also be checked and left as a souvenir. 

It's not only a gag, It's a funny routine!

You receive 25 "prediction" cards on which their faces are shown all 52 cards of the deck: 12 cards have the five of clubs turned with back up; 12 cards have the ten of hearts turned with back up; 1 card is normal (all the 52 cards are face up). -

Please note! the 1/2 dollar coin is not required just for photographic purpose.

Just That by Vincenzo Di Fatta

  • £4.95

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