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Candid Camera

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Candid Camera

Snap! Here's a close-up card effect which is not negative but positive in ever description. Our over developed routine enables the performer to snap up the applause! The performer displays two attractive plastic plaques, all sides being shown to depict a camera, a modem one at that. Each side of the plaques are shown to the audience before they are nested together with an elastic band.

A pack of cards is introduced and a spectator is requested to select one. This is shown around, the performer placing it into his pocket. Coming over to another spectator, the Candid Camera plaques are parted and there....magically appearing, is the image of a playing card.... hut is it the right one... NO! The image vanishes as the performer display both plaques again, with cameras on all sides. The plaques are parted yet again as the second spectator is asked to gaze at the image of a playing card, a different one this time, but alas... it isn't the right one, the selected one!

The performer asks the spectators to shout out the suits they chose, both being clubs, and further asks them to add the spots of their cards together (8 of hearts and two of hearts add up to... 10 of hearts) and amazingly when he chosen card is finally reversed, there is the perfect replica, facsimile of the chosen card... the 10 of hearts. BOTH PLAQUES CAN HANDED out FOR EXAMINATION.rom the selected card and reappears on a blank card. Simple and amazing small card trick. 

Candid Camera

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