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Wipe Out

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Wipe Out

Paul Howard exclusive

Wipe Out Incorporating Third Time Lucky

With Incorporating Third Time Lucky by David Hemingway. The magician has a card  is selected  and returned to the pack. He now shows a Whiteboard and proceeds to write down his prediction on the back of the board.

Turning the board around his confirmation is greeted with a loud NO. Pausing for a moment, undismayed he wipes a duster over the board and visibly turns his mistake into a hit. There is the name of the selected card bringing forth a laugh and hopefully some applause.

You do need to force the card and with this effect a simple force, requiring little skill is included. Also included is a simple cardboard envelope allowing you to prepare the board and carry it to your show ready to perform. Re setting again takes little time.

Wipe Out

  • £15.00

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