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Cutting Edge: Cards and Coins -DVD

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Cutting Edge: Cards and Coins -DVD

This 3 DVD set features some of the most amazing magic with cards & coins ever seen! John Born & Jason Dean share the next generation of moves, effects, and flourishes for the close-up enthusiast.

DVD 1: Cutting Edge Card Magic

DVD 2: Cutting Edge Coin Magic

DVD 3: Cutting Edge Flourishes, One on One “Jam Session”

Plus: An In-Depth Credits Section For Your Reference!

Please Note! This is the old Packaging so the Special price  reflects this 

Cutting Edge: Cards and Coins -DVD

  • £19.95

A few more effects which are similar to the above are shown below

The complete TangoPedia of gaffed coins

The complete TangoPedia of gaffed coins

Here is a beautiful “encyclopedia” on the gaffed coins: THE COMPLETE TANGOPEDIA OF GAFFED COINS. In this four hour instructional DVD, Mr. Tango explains more than 50 gimmick coin routines using a variety of their specialty coins such as Expanded Shell-Coins, Copper/Silver/Brass, Scotch and Soda, Pen..


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