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  • Tubes, Silks & Liquids

A very showy effect which has been off the market for years.
Mainly suitable for stage work but can be performed in the larger children show provided you have a No Man's Land  between you and the kids and a safe place to keep the container and tube safe before and after  use like a small wooded case painted black would be ideal.

A chrome tube is opened out by way of its hinged side and seen to be quiet empty Four coloured silks are pushed in the top.
Four small wine glasses are lined up and covered with a gent's white handkerchief.
You say you will attempt to make the four silks to vanish from the tube and appear one by one in the glasses.
A magical pass is made and the hankie removed but with no sign of the four coloured silks.
You then say “Sometimes the colours run” and with that you start to pour the liquids into the glasses all in the matching colours.
The cylinder is opened up to show just the empty space.
Finally the drinks are poured into a second container ,the top is placed on and then given a shake with the result being that the four silks and colours have blended into the one 18”silk . The container is shown to be empty with no sign of the liquids.

The original presentation finished with the reproduction of the four 12" silks but we think the Blendo finish is a surprise to conclude the effect
We supply the chrome plated Genie tube and the Reception vase along with a routine.

(The tray and glasses are not supplied can often can be purchased very reasonable from discount stores )

We can supply the four 12" plain coloured silks, one 18" Blendo silks as a option if you do not have your own.

Tubes, Silks & Liquids

  • Product Code: Tube SilksLiquid
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £85.00

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