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Mental logs:- performer shows the spectators four small rods with four different numbers on each of their sides.

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  • Mental Log

Bringing the art of magic together with the modern world and technology.

Over the years we have sold many sets of mental logs and we are particularly pleased to be able to offer you this set of slightly larger logs which have clearly engraved numbers.

The effect:

The performer shows the spectators four small rods with four different numbers on each of their sides. The spectator is invited to toss the rods on the table, assemble them, and then sum up on a Calculator (or on their telephone) the 16 numbers on the top sides of the rods.

While the spectator is starting to just digit the first number, the performer immediately calls out the total! This can be repeated as  many times as desired, and always with a different result. The effect for the spectators  is that you are a human computer able to add many different numbers in the blink of an eye.

With this new version of the Mental Logs, you can also perform a Clairvoyance experiment, by predicting the totals even before the numbers to be totaled are seen by you or the spectator.

The spectator in fact throws the logs, assembles them together, and you immediately write a total down on a piece of paper. The spectator then turns all the logs over, totaling the numbers that were hidden on their bottom sides. Naturally the total matches what you wrote on your slip of paper.

Made in a rigid plastic this allows us to offer this effect at a great price, each log measure 60 mm long, 12mm wide ( 2 3/8" by 1/"" approximately. (£2 coin not supplied or required, it is just to give you a idea of the size)

Mental Log

  • £2.75

A few more effects which are similar to the above are shown below

Mental Die

Mental Die

A small metal canister 3 cm (1 ¼ “)diameter   and die is show. A member of the audience is given the canister to hold behind there back, and then is given the die and asked to place it in the canister and finally to place the top on the canister . All this is done out of sight of the performer...


Mental Die in Brass

Mental Die in Brass

The performer lets a spectator examine a small cylinder closed on one side, its lid and a die, all of them being made of brass. This may also happen with the magician's back turned on the audience. The spectator chooses a number from the die and puts the die back in the cylinder with his chosen numb..


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