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Pocket Tricolour Wand

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Pocket Tricolour Wand

A small black wand with white tips is removed from your top pocket to assist you in your close up tricks. The wand is replaced in your pocket leaving the tip in good view. After a time the wand is removed only to be seen to have changed into a yellow wand with white tips. This is repeated with a further change to a Red body. All the changes are carried out casually with a time lapse in between with no mention by the performer of the colour changes but are certainly noticed by your audience without a clue of the method of changes because of the tip being visible all the time.

This is an original creation using a brand new principal. No Shells are involved.

 This is a pocket version of our Tricolour Wand advertised and reviewed by Mr Stephen Tucker in the 2010 Budget.

 The wand is 6 1/2" 13.5 cm long and made in coloured butyrate you must have a top pocket to work this effect, complete with three wands and a holder.

Pocket Tricolour Wand

  • £15.00

A few more effects which are similar to the above are shown below

Tricolour Wand

Tricolour Wand

 After your normal black and white wand has been waved it is placed into the upright stand. The white tip remains visible at all time allowing easy access. Casually you remove the wand not noticing that it now has a red centre with white tips. The children soon shout out seeing the change. This..


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