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Nut & bolt penetration

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Nut & Bolt Penetration

A great little close up impossibility!

A Nut and a bolt are shown. The bolt has two holes going right through it, one near its head and the other at the opposite end. Also the nut has a hole that goes right through it. The performer screws the nut on the bolt aligning the hole in the nut with the one in the bolt. Once these holes are aligned, he threads a chain through the nut and bolt thus blocking them together.

Although it seems impossible to unscrew the nut that is blocked on the bolt with the chain, mysteriously the performer manages to unscrew it right up to the other hole in the bolt, where the chain is pulled away.

The chain has incredibly penetrated the bolt. A great little close up impossibility!

• It will leave the spectators scratching their heads.•

The item is made of brass, everything can be examined.

Nut & Bolt Penetration

  • Product Code: Nuboltpen
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £19.25

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Nut & Bolt Mystery (Ring off Bolt)

Nut & Bolt Mystery (Ring off Bolt)

A beautiful made brass propA bolt, nut and a tiny padlock are shown. A spectator unscrews the nut. After thorough examination a borrowed ring is placed on the bolt and the nut is screwed back on. The hasp of the padlock is engaged in the hole at the screwed end of the bolt and locked. The Performer ..


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