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Changing Die by Vincenzo Di Fatta

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

The magician shows the audience a die and a tray. He throws the die onto the tray and instantly it changes into eight smaller coloured dice!

You can change the die into other objects, like a sponge ball, a crumpled bill, a crumpled piece of paper with a message on it, but if you like you could even simply make it disappear. The choice is yours!

The tray has a diameter of 14 cm (5,5”) with a border of 2 cm (0,8”). The die measures 3,. cm (1,3”) on each side. You are supplied with eight coloured smaller dice and a sponge ball along with the tray and the instructions

Changing Die by Vincenzo Di Fatta

  • £21.00

A few more effects which are similar to the above are shown below

Dice Shaker Prediction

Dice Shaker Prediction

Paul Howard exclusiveA very simple yet effective close up effect.A closed dice shaker is said to contain a coloured dice and this is shaken and the dice can be heard to rattle. Four coloured dice are shown and by a quick elimination by a member of you audience one colour is chosen. The shaker is ope..


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