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Pea Can

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Pea Can

A cork is removed from a small brass can and out onto the table drops a yellow pea, a black-eye pea, a green pea and a black pea.

The spectator is asked to select one of the peas. The performer asks: "Would it be magic if the only thing that comes out is the pea you selected?" So, all of the peas are placed back into the can and sealed by the cork.

The spectator begins to say out loud as instructed "I want my pea!" After the performer waves his or her hand over the can, the cork is removed and out into the spectator's hand is poured warm water (which is mistaken as pee by the spectator).

Pea Can

  • Product Code: CLO730
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  • £11.00

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Devon Drum

This prop was original called the however the Late Edwin Hopper marketed this as the Devon Drum With this great little prop you can perform many different routines You can vanish, appear or exchange Small items.The basic apparatus was described by Will Goldston ( Masters of magic page 80,81) for a "..


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