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Dice Shaker Prediction

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Dice Shaker Prediction

Paul Howard exclusive

A very simple yet effective close up effect.

A closed dice shaker is said to contain a coloured dice and this is shaken and the dice can be heard to rattle. Four coloured dice are shown and by a quick elimination by a member of you audience one colour is chosen. The shaker is opened and the dice is thrown out to reveal it matches the selected colour. Supplied is a hand turned Red Beach dice shakes all the dice and a routine by Brian Le Slie. (Glasses not supplied).

Dice Shaker Prediction

  • £19.00

A few more effects which are similar to the above are shown below

Changing Die by Vincenzo Di Fatta

Changing Die by Vincenzo Di Fatta

The magician shows the audience a die and a tray. He throws the die onto the tray and instantly it changes into eight smaller coloured dice!You can change the die into other objects, like a sponge ball, a crumpled bill, a crumpled piece of paper with a message on it, but if you like you could even s..


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