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Tricolour Wand ,Childrens magic, kids magic,

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  • Tricolour Wand

 After your normal black and white wand has been waved it is placed into the upright stand.

The white tip remains visible at all time allowing easy access. Casually you remove the wand not noticing that it now has a red centre with white tips. The children soon shout out seeing the change. This is now repeated after due use of the wand but this time the wand has a yellow centre.

The change can be repeated throughout your show. The wands are 13" long made in brightly coloured plastic. A new principle is used with no shells and be safely handled. The stand allows the wands to always be to hand not rolling off your table

Also see our pocket version of the Tricolour Wand 

Tricolour Wand

  • £39.50

A few more effects which are similar to the above are shown below

Pocket Tricolour Wand

Pocket Tricolour Wand

A small black wand with white tips is removed from your top pocket to assist you in your close up tricks. The wand is replaced in your pocket leaving the tip in good view. After a time the wand is removed only to be seen to have changed into a yellow wand with white tips. This is repeated with a fur..


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