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Mickeys Party

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  • Mickeys Party

Paul Howard exclusive

By Brian Le Slie

 An ideal introductory story effect  for the three to six old Children.

 Mickey Mouse. Pluto and Donald duck are invited to a party. The three jumbo plastic cards are placed into a folder that resembles a house, they can be seen through the cut out window.

Mickey  is said to have spilt jelly down his front so is sent out of the house under cover of a handkerchief and left in full view.

The other two cards are removed being shown both sides. Sympathy for Mickey  but no need because he is a magician and has vanished leaving a cut out in the card. He is found in the performer's pocket to the children's relief. Now available in wipe over plastic with colourful Disney characters.

Mickeys Party

  • £33.00

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