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The Sentry, Witch And Frog

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • The Sentry, Witch And Frog

A castle is shown empty and, Sammy the soldier is placed on guard. Sammy is small, just the high of the castle. The castle stands 41 cm (16”) high, 20 cm (8”) wide and 5 cm (2”) deep. Nellie the witch is shown and lands in the front of the castle claiming she is going to live there. She says Sammy is too small to stop her. After making a wish, Sammy grows to 51 cm (20”) but undeterred Nellie enters the castle. Sammy wishes again and Nellie is turned into a frog and the castle is still empty. Made in wood and nicely painted and a hit in any party programme, Sammy the witch and frog are flat wood figures £51.00.

The Sentry, Witch And Frog

  • £51.00

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