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Marmaduke The Monkey

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

Probably one of the best glove puppet routines in magic today

 The yellow and orange house either stands on your table or it can be supplied with its own tripod. The house is made of wood, Three doors and a lifting roof allows the puppet a lot of popping in and out opportunities. The glove puppet "Marmaduke" is a monkey made with a moulded rubber realistic and cheeky face. The sleeve has a squeaker inside and is made from simulated black fur is slightly longer than most commercial puppets to give” Marmaduke more freedom of movement. The fifteen minute routine has been created and used for over thirty years by a full-time professional.

This very detailed routine uses a yellow hammer, balloon, blackboard and coloured cards, all of these are included. MARMADUKE THE MONKEY WITH DE-LUKE HOUSE is manufactured in wood 30 cm (12") high, , 11 1/2" wide (29cm) by 20 cm (8") deep, the house  is painted in Bright Yellow. The roof and the three doors are in rigid plastic a contrasting orange colour, supplied with all the previously mentioned items .

Featured along with many other routines in the newly published HAND PUPPET MAGIC by Ian Adair....

Ian Adair writes "I am still having great success with Marmaduke the Monkey, a great investment. Out of all the items I constantly use in my kids shows Marmaduke registers best of all. I can't leave it out of my shows it's that good and beautifully made"


MR. H Meadows writes, "How delighted I am with “Marmaduke the Monkey” routines galore can be conjured up for this one, a great prop, a real riot!

Due to the high  there is often a short waiti for this effect.

Marmaduke The Monkey

  • £79.00

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