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The Super Sausage Machine

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • The Super Sausage Machine

Two children attempt to make some sausages, One turns the handle which makes a cranking noise the other  presses the button which causes a loud noise.

The result is an unexpected  very long single sausage . Next six sausages on a string shoot out instead of a string of sausages . "Something Fishy Here"  a spring fish shoots out.

After saying we and "British Sausages" a string of Red Whit and Blue sausages appear.

The laughter is loud because your helpers never  manages to catch any of the products. 

Finally  they do archive their aim and a seemingly string of normal sausages shoot out.

The sounds and the actions all add up to a really funny interlude in your show.

The wooden machine is finished in white  Hammerite paint which is a very durable with a orange disc, 11 1/2" by 8" and 9" high.

The Super Sausage Machine

  • £84.00

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