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Clown Camera

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Clown Camera

A clown’s dream or a magician’s reality.

Most comedy props have only one action this has ten plus many bits of business in the routine.You attempt to photograph a child with this old fashioned looking camera, “Watch the birdie” and “Say cheese” both have unexpected results

. Blip, a mobile phone is removed.

There is a  distance  meter

Sausages shooting out both bring laughter,

the lens also falls off adding to the fun.

Made to resemble an old fashioned camera in polished  wood measuring 25.5 cm (10") long, 25.5 cm (10”) high, 14 cm (5 ½”) deep, 96.5 cm (38") tall complete with an authentic looking tripod and a routine.

Please note! Due to the length of the legs this item is sent in two packages and may arrive separately, unfortunately is out of our control

Clown Camera

  • £85.00

A few more effects which are similar to the above are shown below

Hippity Hop Rabbit

Hippity Hop Rabbit

The magician shows two wooden rabbits, one white and the other black. He then shows two empty wooden tubes. The white rabbit is covered with the tube with a white top hat painted on it, and the black rabbit with the tube with a black top hat painted on it. The magician then announces that he will ma..


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