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Magic effect, Cheeky Monkey

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Cheeky Monkey

The Monkey is introduced to the children saying he is your friend and critic. He will give you his opinion on your magic tricks. You show the cards in the holder. Wicked, Cool, Neat, Brill Well Good. So you perform your first miracle and then pick up the Monkey. The Monkey brings forth his first card. Banana's is his response " No you are not here to eat banana's the card is taken from the paw and returned to the holder.After a reprimand your next trick is performed only for the Monkey's response being Rubbish. Banana's again. 

This is repeated as many times as you care and finally the Monkey's paw goes down and comes up with a Banana on the end of his paw.

Cheeky Monkey

  • £55.00

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