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Bobby Helmet

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Bobby Helmet
Bobby the policeman loses his helmet opening his locker tries on his different hats to cover his loss, his sergeant is not amused and each time sends him beck to find his helmet. Finally he thinks of a magic word and his helmet suddenly appears on his head but he loses his trousers ringing laughs from the kids.

Bobby is made in wood and metal stands 58.5 cm (23") high makes a showy very funny trick.

Supplied is Bobby, a locker with three hats and a story routine.

To the amusement of the children, the routine ends with Bobby finding his helmet but loses his trousers. The cut out figure of Bobby is made in wood and aluminium. Supplied with bobby is the locker and three different hats and the routine. 

Bobby Helmet

  • £50.00

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