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  • Pocket Wand Polished Wood Body With Brass Tips

These wands are especially designed with the table hopper or close up magician in mind.

These wands have a French polished wood body with brass tips complementing the body nicely, measures and 0.6 cm ( 1/4.") diameter, 13 cm ( 5") approximately.

These are many timbers on the market so if you do not see the one which catches your eye please contact us as we may be able to make one for you.

(We can always send you a photo of any wand before making your selection)

Please Note! Due to the popularity of the wands we cannot keep all of the in stock at any one time however we can normally make the in 5 to 10 days.

Pocket Wand Polished Wood Body With Brass Tips

  • £9.95

Options for this effect:

A few more effects which are similar to the above are shown below

Close up Vanishing Wand

Close up Vanishing Wand

Whilst entertaining at the table your wand can be used normally and then after a secret connection it will vanish and can be reproduced from your top or inside pocket.A completely new concept from our own workshop. Two wands supplied made with a blue marble effect acrylic centre brass tips. 5" long...


Traditional Pocket Wand

Traditional Pocket Wand

A polished Ebony wand with white alternative ivory tips. Measuring 8.5 cm (7¼”) long and 0.9 cm (3/8”)in diameter. (Supplied without the coin)We can make this wand in different sizes and timber for the body...


Walnut Wand Wood

Walnut Wand Wood

This wand is made in walnut with a French polished body and painted white tips, measuring 10" long by 3/8 in diameter.We can make this wand with different timbers for the body and different sizes...


Mini Tube and Wand

Mini Tube and Wand

.Ideal for table workers as an introductory trick. Precision madeA small brass magic tube is shown. This is said to contain a special magic wand. The cap is removed and a small wand is taken out. Why is this special ?. Because the wand is 10 cm (4") long and the now sealed container is over 2.5 cm (..


Magicians Wand Polished Ebony with Brass tip

Magicians Wand Polished Ebony with Brass tip

These are the largest wand in our range  made from Ebony and  polishedblack solid  with brass tips and  a brass centre ring.Poised with great balance for the seasoned magician. The two part are screwed together wand The wand is 15 1/2 inches long 1/2" in diameterWe try to keep th..


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