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Hoffmann's Puzzles (Old & New)

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  • Hoffmann's Puzzles (Old & New)

One of the most comprehensive encyclopedias of puzzles ever written.

The original edition was published more than a century ago and what we offer now is a re-print of the same printed in India by Sterling Publishers. This is a soft cover, approximately 7" X 4 ¾" size, 400 pages book containing hundreds of puzzles of every conceivable variety.  In ten chapters it covers Puzzles Dependent on Dexterity and Perseverance, Mechanical Puzzles Dependent on Some Trick, Dissection and Combination Puzzles, Arithmetical Puzzles, Word and Letter Puzzles, Puzzles with Counters, Puzzles with Lucifer Matches, Wire Puzzles, "Quibble"or "Catch" Puzzles and Miscellaneous Puzzles.

The puzzles are all provided with solutions. The book is invaluable to any magician, since many of these puzzles are the basis of magic effects, while many others are popular to this day as interesting give-aways, party gifts, and ice breakers. We ourselves sell several of the puzzles described in this book.

Hoffmann's Puzzles (Old & New)

  • Manufacturer: Sam Dalal
  • Product Code: HoffPuz
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £13.75

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Brass Coin Safe

Brass Coin Safe

A brass box is displayed. This has a hole in the cover, and inside the box are a number of coins. A spectator is asked to remove the coins, but is unable to do so. The cover revolves freely on the box, but cannot be removed, unless you know the clever secret. The box will hold coins of many sizes, 1..


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