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Dye Tube Blendo

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Dye Tube - Blendo

The Blendo Dye Tube is bigger, and used in a roll of paper and takes several small silks.

Black coloured plastic 1 1/16 inch diameter by 4 inch long approximately.

Dye Tube - Blendo

  • Product Code: SIL52
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £2.75

A few more effects which are similar to the above are shown below

Dye Tube - Bare Hand

Dye Tube - Bare Hand

Bare Hand Die tube can be concealed in the hand. and used for a single silk. Flesh coloured plastic 1 1/16 inch diameter by 2 inch long approximately...


Blowing Card Blendo

Blowing Card Blendo

A card is selected, noted and returned to the deck by a member of the audience. The deck is shuffled and kept aside. The magician then shows a small green silk with a white card on it and a black tube. He then pushes the silk in to the tube. He then brings the tube near his mouth and blows in it. In..


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