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Silk Magic,Silks,Dyed Italian Silk, Maghicians Plain Silk 24"

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

  • Plain Silk 24"

Fine quality Italian silk handkerchief 60 cm (25") approx, available in a range of bright colours.

Plain Silk 24"

  • Product Code: SIL24
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £8.50

Options for this effect:

A few more effects which are similar to the above are shown below

Chrome Silk Box

Chrome Silk Box

A really dainty creation but full of mystery.This Little silver box is almost a self contained illusion . It is so utterly convincing. Both top and bottom are hinged so that they easily fall apart when either is lifted. The box is dropped open, closed and at once coloured silk handkerchiefs are pull..


Wonder Box

Wonder Box

A small metal box is completely open to only a frame, and shown to be totally empty. The box is closed up and lots of silks, streamers, ribbons, etc. are produced from it! A perfect illusion that will leave everybody speechless. • It can all be given out for examination. • Silks can be pro..


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