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Carters Silks

Carters Silks

Created by the late Arthur Carter with an addition by Brian Le Slie    A boy and a girl are invited to assist and are stood each side of the performer, the boy on the right . The children are given a wand each, the boy receives a yellow one and the girl the red one.These are called not..


Note Penetration

Note Penetration

The magician shows a wooden frame with three holes in it.A note is sandwiched between the frame and a backing plate and is clearly visible through all three holes.A star trap is swivelled over the centre hole and a pencil is pushed right through the star trap and note, the note is visible through th..


Dizzy Dominoes

Dizzy Dominoes

This is a uncanny close-up mystery where the double two spots magically change place with the double fives on the other two dominoes.Repeated ad lib .Supplied are five dominoes nicely made in shiny plastic with white centre each one measuring  5.6cm ( 1 1/4") long  by 2.5 (1") wide approxi..


Platter Escape

Platter Escape

The magician shows three platters of different colours each with a hole in them, and a length of ribbon. A spectator is asked to select any of the coloured platters which is placed between the other two and the ribbon threaded through the centres of the platters.The performer spreads the platters ou..


Find Your Favorite Brand

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