Paul Howard Pro Magic
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About Paul Howard Pro Magic

Manufacturer and Dealer in Magic.

About Paul Howard Pro Magic

Welcome to Paul Howard Pro Magic On-Line Shop.

You will see that we are rather different having both the woodworking and metal working facilities to off you something different.

Twenty Six years ago our business was born, Marmaduke the Money was one of first children's items we made ,and is still one of our best selling effects.

Following this came the Clown Camera, Hurdy Gurdy, and Pop up Rabbit all of which are still finding good homes.

We are constantly surprised at how may of our wands are ordered not only from the UK also from  Europe and the USA  with many going a lot further around the world.

Our Brass Okito and Boston boxes are much heavier than the cheap imported one, our the lids have circular engraved design for decoration, we can make these boxes to fit most coins.

The Silver Sceptre make is designed to make it easy to change the elastic when it becomes necessary for it to be replaced without having to dig out cement.

We turn wood chop cups ,and make a lovely hammer and ball set which is something from the past along with Mahogany rattle boxes and many other items.

Of course we also sell many other items implored from around the world and look forward to selling magic for many more years to come.